About us

Situated in Dukinfield, Manchester, we have a commitment to quality products, services and customer care to keep our customer base coming back again and again.

As the founder of Reds Cakes and Bakes, I have a lot of ambition and a rather large creative streak.  I have put my hand to many design elements in previous studies such as interiors and fashion. However, it was the influence of my Nan who taught me the basics of baking, her speciality being that of Christmas Cakes. Since she passed I have developed my skills, teaching myself the basic skills required. 

Soon after, friends and family started to ask me for cakes and I decided to study the craft further by attending Tameside College on a cake decorating course. 

Red’s strive to always improve, and will continue to expand services based on how I can best serve both the local and the wider area.

Its been hard work getting to where I am, but I've learnt so much on this incredible journey, and continue to learn as I take on each cake.

Get in touch with us today to learn how Reds Cakes and Bakes can help you.